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Happy New Year 2008!
Dave3   |  @   |  

Geeks of Doom Happy New Year 2008My Friends of Doom,

Holy Freakin’ Hell! I’m having a hard time finding the words to express how amazed I am at all that’s taken place this year. I want to thank you all for making this, our first true year of life here at ‘GoD’ a truly amazing year! Multiple millions of geeks seeking geek have crossed our threshold throughout the year, and continue to amble on through our humble abode at the rate of thousands a day.

We’ve welcomed close to thirty EXTREMELY talented contributors into our family… and make no mistake, it is a family— a family which continues to grow all the time.

Both Eve and I are thankful every second of every single day, for EVERY one of our contributors, EVERY one of readers, and for all the things great and small that Geeks of Doom has made possible for us.

We wish the very best to every one of you in the coming year and look forward to feeding your geek jones well into the next decade!

Dave3 and Empress Eve

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DVD Review: The Tudors — The Complete First Season
Desdemona   |  

The Tudors - The Complete First Season DVDThe Tudors
The Complete First Season
Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Sam Neill, Jeremy Northam
Paramount Home Video
Available Jan. 1, 2008

This 10-episode dramatic series takes a look at the early reign of a young Henry VIII, the 16th century Tudor King of England. Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars as King Henry, who plans to declare war on the French after they murder his uncle. The self-serving conniving Cardinal Thomas Wolsey (Sam Neill), who has a mistress and dreams of grandeur, believes that instead of waging war, Henry should propose a peace treaty the King of France. Henry’s friend and trusted advisor Sir Thomas More (Jeremy Northam), author of Utopia, agrees with the peace treaty proposition, which convinces Henry to enact that plan.

Aside from the political aspect of King Henry’s early reign, Season 1 of The Tudors chronicles Henry’s now-famed tumultuous love life. At the opening of the show, the King is married to Catherine of Aragon (Maria Doyle Kennedy), who has been unable to produce a much-need male offspring. Disgusted with Catherine, Henry eventually involves the Catholic Church, who had papal authority in England at the time, in a very difficult effort to dissolve his marriage.

While awaiting a possible annulment, Henry seeks pleasure elsewhere. Being the King provides him with a bounty of choices for mistresses, his favorite being the young and beautiful Lady Elizabeth Blount (Ruta Gedmintas). But Henry quickly tires of his concubines, and since in the Tudor world women are commodities, the ambitious Thomas Boleyn (Nick Dunning) is more then happy to offer his daughters over to Henry. It is up to Anne Boleyn (Natalie Dormer) to seduce and sink her claws into the King to elevate the status of the Boleyn family.

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DVD Review: Shoot ’Em Up
Tony D, Hardcore Film Maniac   |  

Shoot 'Em Up DVDShoot ‘Em Up
Directed by Michael Davis
Starring Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti, Monica Bellucci
New Line Home Video
Available Jan. 1, 2008

Talk about shooting your load. — Clive Owen, Shoot ‘Em Up

NOTE: I’ve been obligated to write this review since the middle of August. Due to Shoot ‘Em Up being rated R, and being that I’m underage, and being that it was playing at a theater that I couldn’t sneak into, I missed one hell of a time. So… umm… sorry Dave and Eve…

There comes a time in all of our lives when we see something that doesn’t look the least bit realistic. This year alone, I had the opportunity to watch Bruce Willis ride on a fighter plane, a stripper with a gun for a leg kill zombies, and Britney Spears performing at the VMAs once again, and I didn’t believe a single bit of it. Nonetheless, I enjoyed myself. I had fun with each and every one of them, and I was in one hell of a mood that could have turned a drunk sober.

But why do I bring them up in a review for a completely different thing? Well, looky here and learn something. These past few days I’ve been waiting anxiously for two things — a Chik-Fil-A sandwich and the Shoot ‘Em Up DVD. I got my Chik-Fil-A sandwich last Friday and this lucky bastard got two of them, and he was as giddy as Lindsay Lohan receiving a bottle of Jack Daniels in her Christmas stocking. A week later, I received Shoot ‘Em Up. Now what can’t you like about a film with a line-up like this and a trailer like the ones that you’ve seen on TV?

I’ve been waiting for your answer. Guess you’re clueless.

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‘Watchmen’ Artist Dave Gibbons Visits the Movie Set – Part 2
Empress Eve   |  @   |  

Watchmen backlot photoThe official Watchmen site blog has been updated with Part 2 of Dave Gibbons‘s visit to the Watchmen movie set this month.

Gibbons, who is co-creator (along with Alan Moore) and artist of the Watchmen graphic novel, posted Part 1 of his visit to Zack Snyder‘s movie set earlier this month.

The photo at right that accompanies the blog entry (click for larger view).

After describing set pieces from the backlot, Gibbons says:

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Rumor: Tyler Perry Joins ‘Star Trek XI’
Empress Eve   |  @   |  

Star Trek XII normally don’t post rumors, because they usually turn out to be false, but every so often, one will pique my interest. At UGO.com, I found this one rumor particularly amusing because it links Star Trek with — of all people — Tyler Perry.

Back in the summer, I posted some assets for Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? and not only did a few Doomers asked me why in hell I would do such a thing, but I really wondered to myself, Why the hell am I doing this? To my defense, I thought it was a comedy at first, and as as it turned out, we received lots of hits on those posts and positive reader feedback. PEOPLE LIKE PERRY.

Well, precognition was perhaps in play, as it looks like Perry will legitimately make it into the Geek hall of fame, because the rumor is that Perry has joined the cast of J.J. Abram‘s highly anticipated prequel Star Trek XI, which hits theaters December 25, 2008. (And in case it wasn’t blatantly obvious to all who know me … Note to GoD Staff and my family: I got dibs on the Trek XI movie review and the Christmas 2008 festivities will now be relocated to the nearby UA cinema).

If this rumor is true, then BEWARE OF SPOILERS when you click on this link to UGO. Not only does it contain information on the character Perry supposedly plays, but it also contains plot details.

And because I’m dying to talk about the plot details, BEWARE OF SPOILERS below here after the jump.

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‘Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay’ Trailer
Empress Eve   |  @   |  

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo BayAOL Moviefone has posted the trailer for Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, the sequel to 2004’s surprise hit comedy Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.

You can watch the teaser trailer here after the jump; also, the film’s official site has an age-restricted trailer.

John Cho and Kal Penn return as the lovable stoners, but this time around, they are chased by the Department of Homeland Security for being suspected terrorists after boarding a plane to Amsterdam. Neil Patrick Harris reprises his role as himself.

New Line Cinema’s Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay hits theaters April 25, 2008.

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The Hellraiser Project: Hellraiser VIII: Hellworld
Dr. Royce Clemens   |  

Hellraiser VIII: Hellworld DVDIt’s over! Oh, dear sweet Jesus, it’s finally over! And not surprisingly, it’s a clean sweep. I’d feel better about there not being another Hellraiser movie to watch, if I didn’t have to watch Hellraiser: Hellworld to be able to say that. This is the worst of the lot. I know I say that with all of them, but that’s only because they each have gotten progressively worse since the fifth one. This just goes to show that when you’re in prison, the burly inmates fuck you the hardest the night before you’re paroled.

The only thing I hate more than garbage is SELF-AWARE garbage. It seems that Pinhead and his Cenobite Peanut Gallery have been turned into an online role-playing game. There are references to the Lament Configuration, and at one point one of the main characters is even wearing a Pinhead t-shirt. I imagine the screenwriter making inappropriate grunting and cooing noises while he was at his computer, typing out this little masterpiece…

“Yeeeahhhhhh…You JUMP that shark…”

Our movie opens on a group of interchangeable teenagers at a funeral for one of their friends, who killed himself. It is after one of these kids delivers the dumbest and most infantile line of dialogue ever uttered in a Hellraiser movie (and think of the ground that covers) that I girded my loins for the ever-elusive two-footer in a franchise of pure shit. Says one of them about the deceased…

“I don’t even think he has a dad. I bet he was making it all up.”

Yes. He didn’t have a father. He either appeared on Earth by spontaneous combustion, or he is in fact the second coming of Jesus. Wouldn’t that suck if it were the case though? The long-awaited Savior appears and he gets bumped off at the beginning of the EIGHTH HELLRAISER MOVIE? They’d have to rewrite all the sermons. And somehow, “He cameoed in shitty movies for our sins” doesn’t have all that great a ring to it.

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‘Indiana Jones’ and the Land of the Links
Empress Eve   |  @   |  

The Complete Making of Indiana JonesI have been on an Indiana Jones high ever since Christmas when Dave3 gave me The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, Volume One – The Early Years. Well, if you ask my Dad, he’ll say I’ve been on an Indy high since he took me to see Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981, so I’ll say on a super-high since Christmas.

Just yesterday, UK Doomer Dizzy Alien and I were talking about how beyond stoked we both are for the fourth film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Diz wanted to call dibs on the movie review, which I totally understand, her being such a great fan of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas (as am I). But as it turns out, I’ve had hypothetical, theoretical, and actual dibs on the review since the first moment of any hint of a fourth movie was rumored.

I’d better save up my personal days at work, because I plan on taking the day off on May 22, 2008, for the previous night’s midnight showing which will precede the opening-day three-in-a-row viewings (like I did for the original Star Wars special editions theatrical release; the Star Wars prequels; and the Lord of the Rings trilogy).

But before I start waiting in line, let’s take a look at some of the upcoming Indiana Jones-related movie promos and tie-ins …

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Movie Review: National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Tony D, Hardcore Film Maniac   |  

National Treasure: Book of SecretsNational Treasure: Book of Secrets
Directed by Jon Turteltaub
Starring Nicolas Cage, Justin Bartha, Diane Kruger, Jon Voight, Helen Mirren
Rated PG
Release date: Dec. 21, 2007

National Treasure was that one movie that everyone hated to admit that they liked. Anytime that I would bring it up, someone would attempt to shank me just because I liked it, but you could tell it in their eyes that they liked it too. For a movie that was about finding treasure other than the boogers in your nostrils, it was pretty good. It wasn’t an Academy Award-winning movie, but it was a fun popcorn flick. I mean, SOMEONE else had to like it, because it made $173 million in the United States alone, and I know it just wasn’t me that paid into it.

And because someone else liked it, they decided that they could make a sequel. Normally, they would call this “cashing-in,” but I disagree right now. National Treasure: Book of Secrets is anything other than cashing-in. It’s difficult to explain how I feel about this movie. It’s not the better of the two films, but at least it tries to be. Nicolas Cage sure as hell makes up for the past couple movies that he has done within the past two years (and I LIKED Ghost Rider), as does Jon Voight (who before coming onto this project just got off of Bratz: The Movie and The Five People You Meet In Heaven). But that doesn’t necessary constitute this as being a good film.

Maybe this review is a bit biased just because I really do like the first one, but if you are looking for anything short of the first one, you’re pretty much looking at the exact same movie at the end. You know the story — these characters go looking for treasure and they get into trouble with the FBI and the CIA and other treasure hunters want to kill them and yadda yadda yadda. National Treasure: Book of Secrets, cash-in or not, is still a pretty damn fine flick for the holidays.

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First Look: Edward Norton in ‘The Incredible Hulk’
Empress Eve   |  @   |  

The Incredible HulkOur pal Alex over at FS has posted a first look of Edward Norton as Bruce Banner in Universal’s The Incredible Hulk.

See image of Norton as Banner here at right (click for larger view); second image is here after the jump.

Directed by Louis Leterrier, the sequel to 2004’s The Hulk gets an all-new cast — Norton along with Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, and William Hurt — with a script by Zak Penn.

Norton stars as Dr. Bruce Banner (previously portrayed by Eric Bana), a scientist desperately hunting for a cure to the gamma radiation that poisoned his cells and unleashes the unbridled force of rage within him — The Incredible Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk hits theaters June 13, 2008.

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