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E3 2011: ‘Fable 4′ Looks To Bring Kinect To The Next Level; See Trailer & Gameplay Demo Now!
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Fable has turned into an interesting franchise for Peter Molyneaux and his Lionhead Studios. Each game has come with unbelievable promises, and each—while still enjoyable for many players in terms of basic entertainment—has failed to live up to a lot of the overall hype.

That’s not stopping Molyneaux from continuing to try and reach beyond the stars for the next installment in the Fable franchise, however, with the not-so-surprising announcement of a Fable 4, more officially titled Fable: The Journey. The new game takes a major turn from its predecessors, and it’s this move that will see it gaining (and perhaps losing) many fans.

Be sure to continue reading to learn much more and to see not only the first cinematic trailer for Fable: The Journey, but to see a gameplay demo as well, so you can decide whether you’re in, out, or undecided.

Now, the very moments we first heard about Kinect (then called Project Natal), Molyneaux had a demo prepared showing off the possibilities of the new technology that featured a little boy named Milo. The demo blew people’s minds and got us all very excited about what was to come, but unfortunately all we’ve really seen since then are a bunch of glorified Wii games. I personally have said many, many times that one of the best games we could see using the Kinect would be a Fable game that mixed the interactions we saw in the Milo video and the gameplay we’re used to in Fable games. Well, as much as I doubted we would ever see such a thing, the next installment is along those lines…though, as a fan of the series, not so much how I hoped

See, this new Fable adventure takes place in a time “when heroes are no longer born—they must be made” where you’ll play as a Dweller. But the gameplay itself looks like it gets rid of the third-person perspective we’re so used to and goes into a new first-person mode. It also looks like the entire game could be played using only the Kinect and no controller whatsoever—something that was rumored for Fable III back in 2009.

We’ve only see the two small peeks you can watch below so far and there should be much more information coming soon, but as far as Microsoft and Lionhead’s assumption that the future of gaming has no controllers, this new Fable would certainly make sense if it is indeed all played on Kinect. The problem with that is that there’s a whole hell of a lot of people (myself very much included) who want nothing to do with “controller-less” gaming, and that could put Fable in a tough spot.

If there’s an option for those who don’t have Kinect or don’t want to play on Kinect, fine, that makes perfect sense. And hell, the game actually looks pretty awesome for those who enjoy motion gaming…it’s just impossible for me to get excited about a game I play touching nothing but air. It still feels like way too much of a novelty that won’t stick, much like 3D movies.

What about you? Watch the videos below and share what you think of this new Kinect-happy Fable game.


  • Coolgirlair

    I am really… disapointed. frankly their getting rid of the stuff i loved the game for. A) you could actually see your character
    B) it wasn’t first-player unless with ranged weapons
    C) you were more focused on your game the your horses’s ass (just saying…)
    D) I don’t want to half to buy a kinect (which costs more than my actual xbox) for one game.
    E) i love playing with the xbox controler. it makes me feel like im actually playing.
    F) i don’t like grabbing at air.
         in conclusion, i think Fable 4 will lose alot of fans if they don’t make some improvements. it will lose alot of fans who like it for some of the features that its predecessors have.

  • Joshua

    Peter mate, I have been a fan of fable since my cousin bought fable on the original xbox at the age of 9 i’m now 13 but my cousin who had got me into the series had sadly become a paraplegic after a car crash and he was he was 16 then and had honestly lost the will to live, the only thing that he and i had truly enjoyed in our lives were the moments we shared playing fable, please i am begging you DO NOT make the Journey a kinect only game. I honestly can not bear to see my older cousins face when i am the only one who is able to play it to its full potential

    Thankyou :D   

  • Cynnita

    If you have something and it ain’t broke..don’t fix it. Just ask bioware with their dragon age 2.

    My advice, Peter…look at amazon’s star rating decline in your games. Get a clue, developers.

    There are so few good RPG out there and now you are turning this one into a wii game.

    For me personally,. 1st person view makes me motion sick so thanks alot. If you turn the next Fable game into that view only…you take away one of the few games I like.


  • Suttonluke

    Again what they guy had said below, the third one sucked and unfortunately I had bought the limited edition version. If you think people will buy kinect just to play Fable 4 then you are mistaken. I will still buy Fable 4 even though it appears as if you have destroyed the franchise completely but only if I can PLAY IT WITH A REGULAR CONTROLLER as everyone wants. Fable 1 and 2 were legendary, too bad you had the audacity to neglect what the fans have said. Perhaps after this game turns into a complete failure by what you are showing then you will learn.

  • http://twitter.com/kackygreen Katherine Hickok

    I really got into gaming for the fable series, it was the reason I bought my own xbox instead of using a friends… I even liked 3 with the D&D references and snarky jokes, expect for the over-in-a-flash final battle… but the major appeal of these games (creating a character that you work hard to earn changes for such as clothing, hair, body type, powers etc, getting to watch that character explore and fight while you run around the world when and where you want to) is lost when a first person view is applied, and the enjoyment of playing after a long day of work [note: the folks who will be more likely to spend $ on your games and DLC] is sure to be lost with kinect controls.  

    Peter, please tell us this is just some sort of side project and that there will be a real fable 4, as you can see this one is surely not going to appeal to fable fans.

  • lmYoshi

    Keep the graphics lose the kinect!!!!
    The more time and effort you put into using the kinect your just going to keep losing fans. Just get rid of the kinect

  • OMG

    PETER YOU WENT FULL RETARD!! what happend??? FACKING KINECT?? HORSES? I used tot be a facking fable fan.. and now this.. 


    ok ok, forget that first comment. lets just say, that im very, very dissapointend as a fable fan. from all the  beginning i played sooo many hours fable, fable 3 i played less. and with less i mean 4 accounts.. Peter, you have no idea what you are doing to your fans!

  • LethalThreat05

    I Grew up in the gaming era, Atari, Nintendo, Sega, ect. played ALOT of games in my past, but when i seen that lionhead was comming out with a xbox game…..Fable…since i did play Black & White which was a rather impressive game read all about it, was hyped, so got it, and it was a great game, Got fable 1, and i was just amazed by this game, best rpg game i have EVER FUCKING PLAYED! was just amazing through and through, loved the styles, textures, adventures and just the pure length of the game and what you had to go through just to get to that climatic point, i can admit though i would of loved longer play and more quests but ehh, it did what it did. Fighting Jack, having to be disguised as a bandit and ivade there camp, whoopin on twin blades huge ass, and everything was great, even the HEALTH AND MANA BARS!!!!!!!!!!!!…..yeah….hated fable 3 but anyway continuing, having to either fight from afar with a Bow even some bad ass bows, “skorms bow” yea ;), or some awsome melee combat swords, maces, ect. loved it, the guns…just took it over the top, how about we drop the pathetic ass guns, a typical point and click tactic….Guns = Bitches, Bows = skill, “not in the game but you know” just the bow was amazing, all the different kinds, the crazy types of magics you could use, btw The summon spell….always loved havng a balverine…lol was epic xD, but no…you guys ruined, killed, disfigured fable by bring out games that just plain….lacked….everything that i loved about fable 1 im sure people can agree that every1 is like “oh blah blah every first game people fall in love with because it was the first, blah ect.” no thats not the point, the game was just amazing, and if they continued to aim high like they did with that game, the story line, the enemys, just everything fable 1 had to offer….every other fable would have been just fanfuckingtastic!, being a low level having to quest through darkwood….seemed VERY intense your like FUCK! wtf are those thngs!?! balverines of course at such a low level o.O. looking back at the game, it just had its moments of “oh shit am i going to die in here?” not like “oh…what do you know….more cheep knock off enemys that look like they might put up a fight….yay” even the hobbes in that game were just….creepy and nasty little guys that beat on your face if you let them, (fable 2 and 3) they seemed to do more “dancing” around you rather then attacking, the balverines were just pale in what they were in fable 1, lets get to the point, fable 2, fable 3 sucked complete ass….i really REALLY wish i never even picked up those games, id rather not even classify them as a Fable game. Point is, get your shit together lionhead, wtf have you been doing? id love to be a developer, a thinker, a do’er in game design, but yet we have pathetic individuals who makes cheep knock off games of the previous, more bad ass ones. I could make a better fable then you could just by using what i know from fable 1 and knowing definitely what NOT to do in the next one. Point is, just make Fable 1 again, Lost chapters was fucking epic…..dont get me started, how about just plain ol “Fable” for the next game, no 1, 2, 3. just a game to end it all, the longest game you could possibly make, that Starts you off in the Old kingdom (Fable 1) and continues, No guns please -.- those are idk they tend to ruin games for me and im sure alot of people when your used to seeing a bad ass Bow….

  • Brittany Bastin

    BOO! I hope they make it to where it’s not JUST kinect. Bleh!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Peppiesmiles Jessica Rust

    I love fable and I love the freedom to build and make the game your own. Which I hope the new fable will still provide. But I would also like to virtually inter act with the game and get off my fat nerdy ass and lose some weight. I think sitting for too long is very bad for me and unhealthy but I LOVE RPG’s. So for me and most guys like thin women I LOVE the idea to get active and feel inside the game. Yes it should have a controller option for ppl who don’t want to use kinects or if you get tired… but I think so far most Kinect games suck and I have been waiting a long time for something like this to come out. Personally I hate feeling like I’m lazy.. I need this!

  • http://twitter.com/Lycos_Ex_Mortis Lukas Christieson

    Not Fable 4, this is a side game not one of the main games. Or technically you could say Fable Heroes is Fable 4 or Fable Pub Games was Fable 2. Learn the truth before classing things as they are.

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