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Could Iron Man’s JARVIS Become Ultron In ‘The Avengers 2′?
eelyajekiM   |  

Paul Bettany Could Voice Ultron

Marvel Comics tells us that Ultron was created by Hank Pym aka Ant-Man, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe will tell us a different story. With the Edgar Wright-directed Ant-Man film scheduled to open in theaters in November 2015, six months after the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the cybernetic threat’s origins will have to be explained. It’s being speculated that Tony Stark will be behind Ultron’s creation, which makes a lot of sense. So far this has been unconfirmed, but what if Ultron was already there, staring us in the face?

Now this is purely a rumor – a very big rumor at that – but Unleash The Fan Boy is reporting that J.A.R.V.I.S. (voiced by Paul Bettany), Tony Stark’s AI for the Iron Man armors, will portray Ultron in the highly anticipated Avengers sequel.

The site attributes the news to their own unnamed sources at Disney, but there’s been no official statements from the studio or filmmakers. J.A.R.V.I.S. has always been at Tony Stark’s side to provide strategies and support during battle. But since The Avengers sequel is an origins story for Ultron, and director Joss Whedon is mixing it up a bit, there is some – and I use that word very lightly – validity to this claim.

Should this be true, that means Bettany’s contract would have to be reworked a bit since he has been only providing voiceovers. Plus, the character will most likely need motion-capture work done, so in addition to the voice, Bettany could “suit up” and become Ultron.

So what do you think?

[Source: Unleash The Fanboy]

  • PAUL

    I’m OK with this

  • ferheinz

    This was my first thought. I think it’s great, the betrayal will sting more. And it will give the last battle in Iron Man 3 (where Jarvis is piloting the majority of the suits) a different weight.

  • Jacob Medich

    well i think if that is true, Robert Downey Junior is probably done. It would be the easiest and most dramatic way to end his story. Being betrayed by his creation. His suit being taken over by his AI assistant. and making tony do horrible things. yeah there are a lot of possiblities to go with this theory.

  • Mrteapot

    Since I heard Ben Affleck is going to be the next Batman nothing would surprise me now. Unless Jennifer Lopez is the next catwomen, and Matt Damon is.the.next robin ….then maybe

  • argus

    shit again in the history …

  • Rob

    I hope not. It doesn’t really add anything interesting to the universe when the villains are ALL linked directly to the hero. It means that if the heroes didn’t exist, we’d be better off.

    Iron Monger – Tony’s friend. Out to betray him. Causes harm to others.

    Whiplash – Out to get revenge on Tony. Causes great harm to others.
    Aldrich Killian – Out to get revenge on Tony and set up a defense industry to combat a contrived enemy. Causes great harm to others.

    Abomination – Out to combat the Hulk. Causes devastation.
    Loki – Out to betray his brother. Causes turmoil in the kingdom.

    The only one that doesn’t fit this format is Cap who responds to a threat that exists before he does.

  • Vince

    Yap, hope not…this story happen all-over again…father vs son, friend vs friend, it’s like the villains have relation to the hero… :(

  • ChaseS

    Kind of creepy, was just thinking the exact same thing earlier today after watching the Avengers again (still amazes me that I’ve seen it over a dozen times now and I’m still catching something new every time). I was thinking about how Tony would cope with the loss of what is essentially his best friend and what that would do to his confidence. Then again, they kind of went that way in IM3 after the suit crashes down and loses power. J.A.R.V.I.S was absent for the whole second act leaving Tony on his own. Of course the second he suited up again J.A.R.V.I.S was back so I guess there’s more they can do with it, but it has kind of been done. The other thing I thought about was Ultrons force field he uses (Iron Man also has this sometimes). After the Avengers, the portal device is left at Stark Tower (for all we know) and it had the ability to form a pure energy force field that nothing could penetrate. Only problem is, it was powered with the cube. If Joss can find a way around that (or just flat out ignore that fact) then we may be seeing it used in Age of Ultron.

  • http://youtube.com/user/tommyisastrategist Tommy Walker

    I kind of like this theory, considering there’s another rumor out there that it might be Justin Hammer from IM 2 who’s Ultron’s ultimate creator.

    Makes sense, after the NY disaster, he gets out of jail, hacks a weakened J.A.R.V.I.S (remember, he was only repaired in the garage) and re-makes his own Iron Man armor, only this time better because he’s learned from his mistakes, and has nothing but time to think in the last few years.

    Merging his hatred for Iron Man/Tony Stark with J.A.R.V.I.S knowledge of Iron Man/The Avengers/Shield/The Armors makes Ultron a very tough contender.

    It also forces Tony to use the Iron Man armor without his AI assistance, which let’s face it, Iron Man is a hybrid of Tony & Jarvis, making this a very good match up.

  • Dave

    This was my 1st thought when I heard Ultron would be introduced before Ant Man but I kinda like the fact that Iron Man = Tony + JARVIS which worked so well in the 1st 2 movies. Shane Black took it further showing that JARVIS could control numerous suits at once (effectively outgrowing Tony) – I wish Shane hadn’t gone that way but he has and it’s canon now, so I think this (that JARVIS -> Ultron) is feasible. I hope that Banner has some involvement in it as well though so that is not all centered on Tony once again – but given that he’s already hung up his suit (thanks again, Black), having a role in creating Ultron would be needed to bring him back to suiting up again. i don’t think Iron Man (the suit) could really work without JARVIS though or some sort of AI. It could be interesting if Ultron is forged from the personality of Pepper Potts or Banner, but JARVIS having (effectively) a breakdown and forming a split-personality that manifests itself as Ultron could also be cool. The trouble is that it sounds like way too much to pack into an Avengers film – it’s better suited to an Iron Man 4 film if it is going to center on Iron Man, Tony or JARVIS.

  • Corey Watson

    I don’t mind the idea of JARVIS being Ultron, but I really hope that they explain that it was created by Hank Pym. I mean seeing as how Ant-Man is the next movie after. Perhaps he could still be the scientist who creates Ultron via the fact that Ultron was initially was created to be helpful towards mankind. So it would make sense if it worked as follows.

    Tony has hung up his suit, ready to give the gig a rest.

    This leads to our other scientist thinking that this might be his chance to really shine and make his name in the world. Perhaps he thinks that having a mortal man in the suit is what makes it flawed, that Iron Man would have never disappeared or let the things that have happened take place if it was just the highly intelligent AI.

    Hank either finds part of the Iron Man suit (which seems unlikely), or asks his fellow scientist, Tony, for a copy of JARVIS for something he is working on to help humanity (Tony agrees, seeing as how he still wants to better the world to make up for his mistakes, or perhaps Hank just steals JARVIS from him.)

    Hank builds the ever evolving Ultron bot, and loads up JARVIS, but he has made some adjustments so that JARVIS is not just a butler, but has a mind of his own, or something along those lines. Those adjustments work for the worse and BINGO Ultron, the villain, is created.

    Honestly that doesn’t seem like too much to thrown into a movie, just a couple scenes of showing him making the thing, or heck even someone mentioning that “Hank took things a little too far in building this thing.” Just something along those lines would be perfect. Seeing as how the next Marvel movie after this is Ant Man, it would be a brilliant transition into why Hank suits up to begin with (in order to actually do some good in the world.) As well as show that THIS is where Hank starts hating himself, giving him that arrogant abusive personality, AND show why he seems to rub the other Avengers the wrong way sometimes.

  • Christopher Tkachuk

    Why couldn’t Ant-Man/Hank Pym be in The Avengers: Age of Ultron and be Ultron’s creator, with Ant-Man detailing some other aspect of his character?

  • bfg666

    Tony has NOT hung up his suit. He tried it for a while but he loves being the rock star too much. And remember his final line at the end of IM3: “I AM Iron Man.” Not was, am.

  • bfg666

    That’s the most logical option and it would be great. Then again, Whedon is famous for defying the fans’ expectations and come up with unexpected plot twists on a regular basis. I mean, Buffy and Spike shagging?! Or Tara getting killed by a stray bullet just when she reconciled with Willow? Who would’ve thought of that before it actually happened?

  • Corey Watson

    I didn’t mean that as in that it is a thing that is going to stay true, but that it is something he is trying to do, but doesn’t stick. In a way to open up for Pym some story. Maybe that Tony is in the process of building a new suit, the best one yet, so it seems as if Iron Man has vanished for a little while.

    Was just showing an example of a way they could tie the stories together in a good way was all.

  • bfg666

    The more I think about it, the more I feel this premise won’t become a reality.

    Firstly, the MCU doesn’t need Pym’s involvement at all for Jarvis to become Ultron, if that’s indeed how it will play out. Seeing how good the empty suits remote-controlled by Jarvis fared in IM3, Tony could decide to amp up Jarvis’ autonomy to the point of giving him real consciousness, then things go downhill from there.

    However, it all sounds a little too obvious for a guy like Whedon, who likes to catch his audience off-balance and twist his plots in unexpected ways, so I seriously doubt this will be more than mere speculation. Not to mention that Jarvis is voiced by Paul Bettany and that Ultron will be played by James Spader.

  • LoganByrne

    But also Ultron created Vision and Jocasta. She eventually became the next Ultron model after Vision undertook Wonder Man’s IS to be with Wanda, the Scarlet Witch.

  • Corey Watson

    Which is exactly why I don’t like the Idea of Ultron being created by Tony, it just seems too straight forward. They don’t NEED Pym to make Ultron, but it would help introduce him to this universe, seeing as his movie is next. Give him a reason to even have his movie to begin with (I.E. He wants to fix his mistakes and do some actual good.) Plus show how his self-hating personality starts up. My guess is probably everything I wrote won’t happen. That wont keep me from hoping it/or something similar to it to happen is all.

    Again, the main reason I posted that though was as an example to show what COULD happen. Precisely because every comment I was reading at the time of posting was guessing that Tony makes Ultron, or that it IS JARVIS that evolves into Ultron, and people were getting upset that they wouldn’t be tying Pym into it at all. So I was just trying to give some fans like myself hope.

  • bfg666

    I have faith in Joss Whedon to come up with a brilliant idea that no-one saw coming.

  • http://www.arrby.wordpress.com/ Arby

    It’s all too far out there. This is just noise and filler.

  • Jeremy Parks

    Hank Pym could have helped Stark upgrade Jarvis somehow and inadvertently created Ultron. I like it when the movies change from the lore. I consider the cinematic Marvel to be just a different Marvel universe. That’s how it works.

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