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Is This What Disney Characters Would Looks Like In Real Life? (Images)
The Movie God   |  

Disney Characters Header Image

Ever wondered what the many various Disney characters would look like if they existed in real life? Of course you have! Karen Graw has as well, and set off to recreate said Disney characters as real people to give us an idea of just what they might look like.

Click on over to the other side to check them out.

From left to right:

Row one: Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Mother Gothel, Tiana, Charlottle LaBouffe, Esmeralda, Frollo, Quasimodo

Row two: Giselle, Jane, Tarzan, Cinderella, Belle, Prince Adam (The Beast), Gaston, Jafar

Row three: Mulan, Alice, Jasmine, Aladdin, Aurora, Prince Philip, Maleficent, Cruella Deville’

Row four: Meg, Hercules, Pocahontas, Snow White, The Evil Queen, Ariel, Prince Eric, Ursula

Single Images [click for larger view]

Disney Characters As Real People: Rapunzel Disney Characters As Real People: Flynn Rider Disney Characters As Real People: Mother Gothel Disney Characters As Real People: Tiana Disney Characters As Real People: Charlotte La Bouff Disney Characters As Real People: Esmeralda Disney Characters As Real People: Frollo Disney Characters As Real People: Quasimodo
Disney Characters As Real People: Giselle Disney Characters As Real People: Jane Disney Characters As Real People: Tarzan Disney Characters As Real People: Cinderella Disney Characters As Real People: Belle Disney Characters As Real People: Prince Adam (The Beast) Disney Characters As Real People: Gaston Disney Characters As Real People: Jafar
Disney Characters As Real People: Mulan Disney Characters As Real People: Alice Disney Characters As Real People: Jasmine Disney Characters As Real People: Aladdin Disney Characters As Real People: Aurora Disney Characters As Real People: Prince Philip Disney Characters As Real People: Maleficent Disney Characters As Real People: Cruella De Vil
Disney Characters As Real People: Meg Disney Characters As Real People: Hercules Disney Characters As Real People: Pocahontas Disney Characters As Real People: Snow White Disney Characters As Real People: The Evil Queen Disney Characters As Real People: Ariel Disney Characters As Real People: Prince Eric Disney Characters As Real People: Ursula


What Disney Characters Would Look Like In Real Life

[Source: deviantART via Sploid]

  • reconeman

    As i was growing up the lady who lived next door looked so much like the movie version of Ursula it was scary. That girl they came up with doesn’t even compare. Love yea ms K.

  • Alysia Rose Durlak

    Why would Giselle be on this list? We already know what she looks like in real life, Amy Adams.

  • Jay

    That’s an awful lot of white.

  • Bedknobs_and_Boomsticks

    Gaston isn’t robust enough.

  • Dan Gutierrez

    Villians like eye shadow.

  • Name

    A lot of them are nothing like what they would look. Some of them even offend me.

  • John Taylor

    Would love to see it. Unfortunately, nothing shows for me to look at.

  • Kavilesh R Panicker

    they f*d up jasmine :(

  • PrinceHarming

    Hmm…I thought for Cruella they’d use a photo of Nancy Pelosi.

  • Bryant Oliveira

    Apparently the author doesn’t watch Once Upon A Time

  • Guest


  • ElisabethChristoffersen

    Ah, racism! How lovely!

  • kaimonster

    Kind of lame with just the faces…

  • whatsup

    Jasmine looks like kim Kardashian

  • Meredith Heffernan

    There are an awful lot of white princess stories in general, thanks to H. C. Anderson and Grimms. I’m still waiting for an Indian princess (Jungle Book does not have a princess in it!) and an actual African princess (Lion King only had lions, though technically Nala was a princess, and Tiana is American, not African) and they did do China, but a lot of people are really interested in Korea and Japan as well right now. Mongolia would be really cool too. They only just now did a story with Norway/Sweden/Finland influence, which I was waiting forever for because I am mostly of Swedish heritage. I’d actually like to see some vikings. And they’ve never done anything regarding a dragon guarding gold, which is shocking, because that’s as old a concept as the vikings themselves. Actually, they don’t have many dragon stories at all.

  • evilregalLoLa

    We all know the evil queen looks like Lana parrilla.


  • SpiderOne

    he should be big with a strong jaw line. tiana should be darker.

  • SpiderOne

    oooh. that would be awesome! I’d def watch that. they’ll get there, give it time. :-) a Disney Viking princess? heck yeah! but only if they get the runes right. because that always annoys me.

  • Lucas

    Jasmine’s eyes are stunning

  • Angela Dabney

    These aren’t all the same person? I couldn’t tell with how immensely similar they are. Can we go outside the white beauty ideal nao?

  • afkjdfkadf

    I don’t think those images look like any of the characters…I’ve seen better compilations…

  • Melilew

    So– I’m sure Ariel was a full fledged red head– not that strawberry blonde. Tiara– wow, that’s kinda really light. I’m sorry, I feel like this should be What Disney Characters would look like if they were all from the same village? It might just me, but they all look very much alike.

  • Riffraff

    All of them look the same and how could they get Ursula so wrong when her look was based on a real person.

  • Meredith Heffernan

    Yes! I want to see some sailing. I mean, come on. Sailing is super prevalent in lore. I want to see stuff about the people who crossed over from Asia to America, and I want to see stuff about the Romans who invaded Britain, and I want to see stuff about Vikings sailing around. I want to see stuff about Genghis Khan and Lewis and Clarke too. And it’d be cool if they did Jack and the Beanstalk as a cartoon too, wouldn’t it? And what of Tibet? I LOVE Tibetan culture. South America seems forgotten too (Up touched on it, but I want more Aztecs and Mayans). There are a million other stories in other cultures that I’m sure I’ve never heard of (like Mulan!) that I’d love to see as a kid-friendly cartoon haha. OH and I’ve never seen a leprechaun in Disney stuff. I guess they already did Brave though, so more of that area might be a bit redundant.

    Sorry I could go on and on forever. They just need to not slack off and quit wasting time on crappy TV shows so they can make GOOD stuff! If they keep remaking fairy tales, folklore, mythology, legends and history from around the world, they’ll never run out.

  • Grapho

    looks like someone just took portraits of a bunch of faces…

  • Silent Political Yeoman

    None of that orange-colored hair that passes for “redhead,” either. Straight-up, crimson locks will do the trick nicely.

  • Moodyblue

    Because apparently, they couldn’t find a heavy set woman to put makeup on? Looks like they just widened the picture.

  • chiliboots

    Amy Adams looked exactly like a Disney Princess in ‘Enchanted’: exactly.

  • J.C.

    I can definitely see Rapunzel. Flynn and Belle were good choices too.

  • Alexandra

    Wasn’t Brave, the Disney movie, about a Viking princess or something of that sort.

  • Meredith Heffernan

    No, she wasn’t a viking. She was Scottish. Vikings are from Scandinavia, and spread across Britain, Iceland, and Greenland, all the way to America at one time, and also ventured into other parts of Europe. Most of this happened around 700-800 AD. Brave took place after this time period, in the 10th century, so Merida could have been of Viking decent, but she wasn’t a Viking.
    Merida is more like a less ancient Celt. Celts were the original inhabitants of the islands. I love Celtic stuff, but I like more ancient Celtic stuff, like before the Romans. Why does no one ever want to venture into old stuff??? Anyway, the Romans invaded Britain early on (a little before AD times), and that ended in the second century or so. Before their tech was introduced, Britain was made up of a bunch of tribes! That’s what I want to see. That or the Vikings.

  • Nidhi

    Such beautiful people, now I’m feeling bad.

  • mopcambm1

    Ariel should actually be Giselle because she looks like Amy Adams.

  • http://www.perezfox.com Prescott Perez-Fox

    I said the same thing. All those eggs, after all.

  • Vance Johnson

    You know Pocahontas was a real person and looks nothing like this…

  • Shido


  • marymrevis

    This is kind of cool and I realize this was done in all good fun. I’m happy to see that most of these “faces” have imperfections..which in fact make them more appealing. There was a study in which babies were shown photos of extremely good looking, perfectly shaped faces and they merely glanced on the face and showed no real interest..but with faces that had a slight or more obvious imperfections (like a slightly crooked nose or less symmetrical face) they held the gaze longer. Now..as for Pocahontas? For me, being of Native American heritage Ill just say, come on folks..you can be more real than that.. she looks a a bit too caucasian for me LOL

  • Lilyinthewoods

    Ursula doesn’t look right, her face doesn’t reflect the larger than life character she was and they all look really quite samey and in the same age generation, Tiana should be darker too. Jaffar (as mentioned before) looks too young I would imagine someone in their late 60′s to 70′s. Gaston looks like he’s had a heavy night and struggling off a hangover as well as not looking as powerful or robust. Sorry but have seen better compilations and it looks like most the images have perhaps come from only 1-5 sources

  • Theresa McMillin

    Aladdin isn’t right. He needs to be more boyish looking and no scruff. And Tarzan’s jaw is too narrow. Glenn Close makes a better Cruella.

  • Mari

    Aztecs and Mayans lived in what today is Mexico and Guatemala. So, North and Central America. the Incas were the ones in South America. Just saying.

  • Meredith Heffernan

    Good point. I’m not as good with the area south of the USA, that area between Australia, China and India, or East Europe haha. I should have known that though. My parents travelled to some sites and they weren’t in SA :P Whatever, it doesn’t really change the fact that there should be Disney movies about them!

  • Stitch

    They all look exactly the same

  • Stitch

    Jafar is pretty much wrong too.. he needs to be skinnier and have a bigger nose

  • jasmine


  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    Surprise. Donald Duck looks like a Kardashian.

    This is probably the stupidest thing I’ve seen on the internet this week.

  • Jeff Carvajal

    Miley Cyrus as tinkerbell!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    THE TWO LOOKALIKES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jade

    This is stupid – Maleficient would look like Angelina Jolie.

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