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‘Call of Duty: World at War’ Unlockable Zombie Mode Info + Video
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There are two things in this world I love: Zombies and Video Games. If you figure out a way to put those two things together then you might as well alert my employer to deduct the money directly from my paycheck and send it to you.

On that note, with today marking the release of Call of Duty: World at War (CoD 5 to those in the know), the good people out there who send us good things that tickle out geek fancy (you know who you are) decided to tease me with video of an unlockable zombie mode that pits you and up to three of your CoD buddies against an army of the undead. Genius, I tell you! Yeah, yeah. Go ahead and call me biased, but since I already wanted this game huge strong-bad, news of this Zombie mode does nothing but make the saliva glands go into Pavlovian overdrive.

Check out the official word and video linkage here after the jump.

Video Link

Call of Duty: World at War Unlockable Zombie Mode-Click to watch it on our official Geeks of Doom YouTube channel

Click the above image to watch the video in our official
Geeks of Doom YouTube channel


Play through Call of Duty: World at War, watch the credits roll, then try to survive the intense fanatical onslaught of the Nazi zombies. The Zombie Bonus Mode Trailer gives a glimpse of the unlockable bonus mode that can be played solo or with up to 3 friends via Co-Op. Accumulate points to open new sections and purchase weapon upgrades and ammo – which will be needed to fight off waves of Zombies that gain strength as the action escalates.

  • Siah

    Just play Left 4 Dead..

  • @Siah

    Call of Duty is the shizzle with chocolate drizzle so Imma play the fcuk out of it, AND out of the zombie mode. But I’ll be playing Left 4 Dead too. There’s room enough in this world for all flavors… of brains.

  • Oh wow, DO WANT. It looks like they’ve got location-specific damage and tons of splatter.

    And if you’re into zombies, you’d probably get a kick out of , if you haven’t already seen it.

  • I was already jazzed about this release… now I’m overjoyed! WWII and Zombies fit together so damn well! And with the CoD gameplay that’s gonna be one hella fun playing experience!

  • Siah

    yeah im not hatin on the game, not at all , COD franchise is aces in my book for shooters.. the demo for World at War was sick, HOWEVER when it comes to Zombie shooters Left 4 Dead is bad ass.. the demo is up on xbox live now.. get on it.
    PS – anyone else find Gears 2 multiplayer to be highly annoying??? everyone is complaining.. the mathmaking and ranking system blows..

  • Siah

    as a matter of fact, Dave3, if u can.. put up a entry in regards to the Gears 2 multi.. i’d love to see the responses..

  • Try Left 4 Dead. I played the CoDWaW Zombie mode and its fun, but Left 4 Dead leaves Cods zombie mode in the dust…

  • Oh and a tip on the zombie mode in CoD. Get the M1 as fast as possible. It costs 600 points, but 1 shot to the head kills instantly (head explodes)

  • Jason

    Im like one level from the end, cant wait to f-up some zombies

  • cod4rox

    For those really “in the know”.. this is -not- COD5. If anything, this is an expansion pack to COD3 using the COD4 engine. My guess is that COD5 will be back in the hands of InfinityWard, not Treyarch.

    Wikipedia.. “Call of Duty: World at War developed by Treyarch is the fifth installment in the main series (however is not to be named 5)”

  • James Summers

    Wow dude, World at War totally rocks man! Wow!


  • Jaxtomax


    Robert Bowling at InfinityWard has said that the next CoD will be CoD6

  • Arkiel

    Man, there is potential here. Imagine a major battle where the dead come back to life and attack anyone nearby? Snipers would start going for body shots to inject a zombie foe among the opposite side.

    And just headshots kill. Naturally.

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  • The next game should be “Call of Duty: World War Z”

    Based off the Max Brooks book.

  • cody

    Can any one tell me how to get to the zombie mode for co op my firend and i were playing the regular one and i just found out there was a co op mode i was woundering if it was only on xbox live my email is please send me an answer

  • luis

    the zombie mode is the shit

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  • randy yonkins

    I love the flame thrower and you can litterally bern the enemys alive

  • randy yonkins

    I’m not being or nothing i just want to say there is no 61 leavel there is 12

  • umm i was just wondering how many rounds there were.. so i came looking, dude^ i just got to round 14 and died.
    i wanna know how many more rounds there are.

  • matt

    how do u get two it on live???

  • johan

    i am wondering if the zombie mode is also for the wii or not because i have finished the normal game 3 times and i can’t find it please mail me on my e-mail

  • cant write my name

    Iol i was on level 15 lately on zombie mode.I know how zombies cant kill you…
    First get a machinegun or flametrower(in the box) then you get a magnum or ray gun (also in box).
    Then you open the stairs and go to te place where you cane see outside(and there is a shutgun and somekindoff package you cane buy)Then you cane hide in a cornor where the package is.
    Tell your teammates(this only works with 2) that u jump and he crawls then you mixt togeter(still al in the corner)And shoot !!!!

  • Tuck

    BTW.. there is an unlimited number of Zombie mode rounds. and it is sick the entire time. highest i’ve been was 21 with one other person.. its fucking awesome

  • gavin

    does it have the mod on wii.

  • Dylan

    I beat Call of Duty campain; but i still don’t have Nazi Zombies unlocked. Do you have to beat it on a certain difficulty?

  • Dylan

    It is Call of Duty World at War for the Wii.

  • kyle

    is there nazi zombie mode on the wii??i beat the campaign on recruit and i didnt get it!!

  • kyle

    oh yeah and if there is how do u get to it??

  • john

    i have this game 4 the wii i was wondering if its possible to unlock this zombie game for this system

  • asilaydying0]

    The nazi mode was easy until i got to level 6 after that the best way to beat it in my opinion is to try to rebuild as much barriers as you can and get automatic weapons. It is almost impossible to beat that level, at level 10 there are so many zombies what i did is i just left grenades on the ground and they ran over them because they chased me. Also in the random gun box if you were to get the lazer alien gun it is extremely to get far. Another smart thing to do is to unlock all the rooms, so you can run up and down and around so you can keep the sombies spread and leave grenades and use automatic weapons to kill them faster. But my best tip is just after level 7 just keep moving, but remember that you cant reload while sprinting because I have died many times because of that.

  • billy bob

    i want zombie mode for wii

  • seany

    can i get the mode on the wii because i done it on regular and it never worked

    send me an answer…

  • @seany

    Overwhelming fan response tells us that, unfortunately, zombie mode is unavailable for the Nintendo Wii.

  • Bob

    I have the Wii version and the zombie mode is not available along with getting my leg trapped and pulled up into a tree in one of the Japanese campaigns that I see on trailers. This is enough to push me to get a PS3 or XBOX360. I love the Wii point and shoot, but I also want to hunt zombies!!

  • Billy joe

    is zombie mode only for ps3 and xbox 360?

  • Tyler


  • I think that they should have nazi zombies for wii. Because the reason that I bought cod 5 for wii was because of nazi zombies. And now that they don’t have it, I waisted $55. So I think that active vision is stupid for doing that.

  • joe

    I unlocked this for single player mode, but I can’t play it for multiplayer. I went under co-op and the level wasn’t there. Can someone help me?

  • sean

    Bob, trust me, you don’t want to hunt zombies…there are way too many of them!!!!

  • bobby

    Does anyone know if there is any way u can play 2 players on live???….this sucks cuz i just bought a year subscription thinking that i can play with my brother on live…..wat a weak ass deal on the game

  • bobby

    with the same game on the same system???

  • tyler

    is their nazi zombie mode for wii?

  • holycrap

    FFUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK, i beat the game 5 times and every time i wasted time to wait for the credits,. no fdamn zombies! im soooo pissed off cuz i bought three of the cod 5 for gift on my own and said, awsome zombie mode to all three people and now i find out there isnt one

  • CoD:WaW

    CoD 5 for wii has nzi zombies you just have to beat campaign co-op mode on recruit

  • icantfindmypants

    does anyone have an answer for me my fuckin nazi zombies wont work one day they work now they wont i have the ps3 and this is total bullshit i dont know what the fuck is goin on i have beaten this game too. but it says i havent. this is fucking wierd. anyone know why this is?

  • Callum

    HAHAHA ive FOund the Zombie Level on Wii u wont to no how well its hard,complet Vetrin 10 times 2 unlock zombie level on Wii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S have fun killin Zombies

  • prajwal

    i was just wondering how many rounds there were.. so i came looking, dude^ i just got to round 16 and died.
    i wanna know how many more rounds there are.

  • prajwal

    plz tell me how many rounds there are.

  • paul

    My wii doesn’t let me play co-op do i need to change settings or something?HELP i don’t want to have to beat veteran mode 10 times.

  • Igot to level 43 on zombies for wii and then I got the double barrel shot gun and got killed by a crawler. Ps i played with 2 friends and they got fucked up

  • Josh

    I beat the game in solo but i cant find the screen to play in zombie mode. plz help, do i need to watch the entire credits to get it or something?

  • zak

    yeah how many rounds r their

  • marcelo

    does any one want to be my firend on call of duty 5 for the wii. I need firends If you do then email me

  • marcelo

    So you have to beat it 10 times veteren to get zombie mode that gay

  • marcelo

    unlimited rounds

  • nathan

    heyy uh i got cod5 for the wii and i beat the game n stuff but wheres the zombi mode i highly doubt that they would make you beat the game 10 times in veteran to unlock it too.. if they did then thats gay

  • jordan

    how do you get the new zombie mode map and if you know then can you send me a hyberlink for it

  • i got level 18 on the zombi game

  • Call of Duty 5 is a very cool game, but a little bit too bloody in my opinion.

  • I beat cod5 for the wii but I didnt do the level blackcats and mine isnt bloody also when I had the flamethrower and when i sat things on fire it didnt stay on fire. Also Polosky is suposto where a helmet but for the wii he doesnt and whenever I`m russia there werering differnt otfits then the 360. Also on semper fi the guy that sticks the cigeret in dudes face wares ahat but for the 360 he doesnt. Last but not least on level 2 your squad has a flamethrower but for the wii you dont. If you dont beleive me my friend has it for the 360 and everything the wii doesnt have the ps3 and the 360 does have.

  • Ps on the last american level when Polosky dies Roebuck punches the japs that killed Polosky head open but thats for the ps3 and the 360.

  • James

    How do you get more than two players for Zombie mode

  • trevor

    Hey, is this veteran thing for the Wii real or not? ’cause I beat the game on every level of difficulty once but it wont show up

  • nazi zombies is fun but tiring. the best way to stay alive is by leaving the staircase in the first room alone. unlock the door to the room with the mystery box and try for a .30cal/ mg42 and a ray gun/magnum. then clear the staircase in that room(the couch will levitate and stick to the ceiling). when you get upstairs go to first door opening and run to the railing by the grenades. turn around and hold your ground there. you can cover both entrances to that room without much movement. just mow them down with your machine gun. towards the end of the round try to cripple one of them and make repairs and replenish your ammo. ive made it to round 23 this way, but its mostly getting lucky reloading after round 15 or so.

  • bob

    i beat Cod5 10 times and i love the zombie mode for the wii!!!! It’s F-ing crazy! did you know there r zombies of Cod4 too? If you beat the campaign 15 times on veteran it gives you the zombie mode

  • how many ways are there to unlock nazi zombies because i have it for wii and i beat veteran 10 and regular and recruit 7 times

  • and didnt get it

  • and in wi-fi my name is jc so you know

  • if theres not a nazi zombie level for wii im ganna quit call of duty 5 for wii

    please awnser plz plz plz plz PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IL BE ON WI FI MY NAME IS JC ON WI-FI

  • Teln

    There’s no zombie mode for the Wii, the trolls that told you to play through Veteran mode umpty-billion times are having a VERY good laugh right now. It simply isn’t there.


    to clear up everything- There are infinite rounds. You do not have to beat it on veteran 10 times on wii but i dont know if they even have it for Wii. That guy was lying tho.

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • fghnf

    ive seen zombie mode on youtube. it looks pretty good and no way there is zombie mode for cod 4 i beat it 20 times on the 360 on the hardest diffuclty possible! no zombie mode. you must have downloaded it or somthing.

  • I really want to know how to get zombies for the wii and if you do have to beat veteren 10 times then thats a load of crap.

  • curt

    omg i cannot believe u a**holes would lie about beating veteran 10 times that’s bullcrap and u no it

  • curt

    but i will still try lol

  • I have cod 5 for wii and thats bullshit that the wii dosent have nati zombie

  • i need a freind (my name is sgt.ABERUL) give me a fc

  • im a lv 65 beware

  • Jc be my friend on wi-fi give your fc to me

  • P.S my clan is called l.O.D

  • ther is no zombie mode no matter what becouse there lying

  • for real

  • i beat the game 500 times on every difuculty and no zombie mode???????????????????????????????

  • if ther is a way piz tell me thank you

  • so if you want zombie mode hers the anwer

  • theres no zombie mode everyones lying i tried everyway but no zombie mode

  • so if there is a mode make a comnet to me ok

  • and tell me from the menu to zombies

  • apparently…

    no, their isint zombies for wii.
    Just thoiught i might answer that.

  • matz

    THAT SUCKS! the only reason i bought cod waw for wii was for nazi zombies and they dont have it! also there is no way to play with 2 people on the same screen and no the wii cooperative campain with 2 sights on 1 screen doesnt count. a complete waste of money do they evn have dogs? i dont know but i doubt it!

  • Folks this is the answer were you all waiting for (Wii Players) The makers planned to Delete Team survival at multiplayer and replace it for Nazi Zombies and also they make a Option at the Main Menu for the solo players who want to play Nazi Zombies for the Wii So I say to the Wii players Just wait for the biggest update !! Nazi Zombies getting prepared to fight so YOU must be prepared also folks! lets rock on the Wii with nazi zombies!

  • ghost

    There’s a cheat on nazi zombies a kind of glitch actually. The place where u can buy stielhandgrandte just run up 2 that wall, jump, and push the crouch button quick enough and u will be protcted until u have 2 get more ammo. Me and my buddy got 2 lvl 13. I had a pistol/trench gun, and he had a trench gun/ray gun. We got that far just by using the cheat alone. Best weapons combos are MG42/ray gun, MG42/Browning 1919, BRowning 1919/ray gun, trench gun/FG42, or flamethrower/ray gun. Best weapon in the game: ray gun, weakest weapon: springfield

  • This game is based off COD + left 4 dead. ( My opinion), but i think its a little better. Cause for the fact it has Nazi Zombie mode by the way is the shit, and u have regular mode were u take on well trained nazi’s in an action packed game. The key thing here is that u can beat the game on any difficulty and still unlock Nazi Zombie mode :D. I do love these modes because it gives u something to do when your done playing the game and u need something else to do…….or… u need to release anger lol ( anger issue my brother lol). Also the col thing is, is that u can dowload maps u want i have a bunch alrdy. For anyone that may play this or is just looking here>>>>> to see what COD Nazi mode is about i would recomend u get the game and if u have the game i would recomend u play it more its rlly fun. HOPE u guys enjoy

    Rifleman OUT…….

  • i beat campain on the 2nd easiest but didnt get zombie mode i am on wii how can u get it

  • madman17

    call of duty waw is the best while i do not know about tyhe wii verson which i hear sucks no offence guys i would have to go with the 360 for nazi zombies. the regular xbox is as good as the ps3 which is g@y trust me

  • madman17

    the spring feild is a bad weapon and no there reall r no cheats expect for glitches they r kinda cheats. iwish there were difficulty settings on it i can get to lvl 40 ligit look on u tube and i want to train on harder and more intelegecnt zombies whoo agrees with me they should have an opition to make them smarter or faster or something. or the deamon dogs they should throw those in on regular maps.

    the thing about nazi zombies is that like i have see as well as l4d nazi zombies is always diffferent mabye not the lvl but the zombies do different things and in l4d they rlly dont which is stupid. in only 1 setting they act differently every time and that is the part where u have 2 try and staya lvie who agress with me raise ur hands lol jk message me back

  • madman17

    in the random event box open it when it is in the darkest gold color u can get a ray gun a 30. cal or other really awasom weapons unlike the 357 mag or the spring filed ucan also get the flame thrower like this as well if u do it right u wll end with the best nazi zombie weapons avibale 2 u the lighting gun willkeep u alive as well try it out it will kill zombies if they r close enough 10 to 1 shot so think about that thats how i can get so far ask me for more help ill be back on soon!!!!

  • madman17

    if u have a shot gun u can cripple zombies more easily than a gerenade

  • madman17

    u mine as well then cause there is no nazi zombies for the wii srry i know it sucks rell bad but srry dude get a cool game system not the wii the wii sucks!!!!! bad even worse than barney and barney shuld eat a bullet

  • madman17

    r u saying little brothers r actualy evil cause if u r i agree with u compeatly i have 2 little sisters and 2 littel brothers and they tick me off real bad like when they try to get me in trouble and my mom and dad listen to every thing they say about me which pisses me the f..k off do u know what i mean

    p.s play more cod nazi zombies mabye we will meet in a oline game or some shit

  • madman17

    r u saying little brothers r actualy evil cause if u r i agree with u compeatly i have 2 little sisters and 2 littel brothers and they tick me off real bad like when they try to get me in trouble and my mom and dad listen to every thing they say about me which pisses me the f..k off do u know what i mean

  • madman17

    yea that was me

  • madman17

    yea that was me sryy about the 2 messages i dident c them

  • COD Pro

    Ok I am a Pro at COD and just to get EVERYTHING straight you cannot get ‘Zombie Mode’ on Wii! Only X-box, PS2 and PS3 can get the ‘Zombie Mode’. So if any of you NOOBS ask about it well you are really fu#ked-up! By the way if there are anymore statment you are f#ked-up too, Because ‘Call of Duty MW:R’ has come out and any NOOB playing ‘Call of Duty WAW’ are f#ked-up also!

  • madman17

    hey that gun is not vcery easy to get the lighting gunu have to go through 15 rounds before it will be able towin frmthe box and then stacties sayull get it every 1000 times u play

  • this is another newe site like this and im giving away tips so be on both sites this friday for tips on nazi zombies on ps3 and ipohon and ipod touch

  • awsome!!!!! on the wii

  • chris

    will it be on the wii cause i have a wii but not a 360 or ps3

  • Garzell

    Prajwal, on Nazi zombies, there r infinet levels, it’s a game to test ur skills on zombie killing. Idk how to unlock it for wii, but I reallllly want to. But anyway, have fun zombie killing :) also, I heard u might be able to unlock it by beating vetrean, or recruit. Idk which ones right, or either of them for that matter, but good luck, and if u find out anything, plzzzz keep me updated :) peace out!

  • zoom

    was there ever a update for the wii so it had nazi zombies???

  • Caleb

    Can somebody tell of their friend code on wii online my name is caleborick13 on it

  • Peter Griffin

    Left for Dead sucks, some of the “zombies” look nothing like zombies, Zombie Mode on COD 5 gets it!

  • Nicholasjones

    Zombies is awesome, and Black Ops which just came out is better! They have Kino Der Toten with my favorites, Nikolai, Dempsy, Tacio and Richtofen. Then “Five”, or the pentagon, with Macnamrara, Kennedy, Nixon and Castro, Dead Ops Arcade, and Ascension with the peeps of Shi No Numa, Der Riese and Kino Der Toten. It is BEAST. I dont have COD 5 but my friend does and ive researched it. I rule zombies!

  • Daniellemarie628

     I beat the campaign and i didnt see anything for zombies at all…  =( what do i do know?!

  • Southpole602

    how do you unlock zombie mode on COD world at war on wii?????

  • Bla

     i dont know how to unlock n zombies

  • i beat the game and no zombies i even played it again still no zombies

  • Jake

    I played it 30 times and no sign of nazi zombies on the wii.

  • Drwhotriforce

    Oi leave nintendo alone they are the only game system trying to make progress for the sake of progress not a massive check of all the money people are paying out for the next, next gen turd

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