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Fox Developing An American ‘Torchwood’? WTF!
Tom Cheredar   |  

2010-01-19-torchwood_logoCreator of the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, Russell T. Davies is reportedly in talks to develop a version of the hit BBC show for American audiences.

If Fox decides to order a pilot of the series, John Barrowman, who plays the show’s lead character Captain Jack Harkness, could also star, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

What is unclear at this time is whether the series will be in continuity with the Cardiff-based Torchwood. If this does indeed pan out to be true and Barrowman is attached for the pilot, I would assume this to be the case. But let’s face it, this is an ultra popular sci-fi property that’s being broadcast on Fox. I’m not getting my hopes up and neither should anyone else. [Editorial Note: DAMNIT Fox! Why did you kill Firefly. WHY!?!]

There is also talk of an American version of Doctor Who, also to be produced by Davies. I don’t believe this news in the least considering the number of times Davies himself has been quoted saying he can’t believe he had four seasons and didn’t screw up the ‘Who’ mythos.

Stay tuned for more details. Developing…

[Source: THR]

  • Why, oh why, oh why must there be American versions of British sci-fi? An “American version of Doctor Who” is something akin to a “British version of Star Trek”! Why bother?

    Ditto for Torchwood.

  • David

    I agree Dr. Geek. Are Americans so insular and xenophobic that they will be unable to enjoy and appreciate a show with British actors and a somewhat British cultural bent? They even do it with childrens cartoons – Bob the Builder gets a new voice-over, so do the Tellytubbies. We don’t do that with American kids tv imports.

  • this is just so wrong on so many levels. Why? I ask myself. WHY ruin one of the most fun and enjoyable sci-fi shows possibly ever made? What is the sense in that? This is the worse idea EVER I dont even want to think about it. Torchwood is supposed to be in Cardiff. Unless – because their Hub blew up, Harkness found a new location? thats the only reason I can think of for having a base in America. Fox will kill it. they will create a NON OMISEXUAL HARKNESS… in other words – “THE ANTI-HARKNESS” might as well just continue the series with a Torchwood base in Hell. and what is this B.S. about American Doctor Who??? dont get me started on how WRONG that is….

  • scrotumbagmonkeyflicker

    Oh jeeeez why oh whyyyyy. Wasnt there an american red dwarf as well???!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    Nope. Americans aren’t so insular and zenophobic as all these translations make us out to be…but American networks are! A good number of friends and I enjoy British sitcoms like the IT Crowd, Mighty Boosh, Fawlty Towers and swap each others DVDs regularly. The Office with Ricky Gervais is pretty funny but I do admit to liking the American version better. I do think that for certain programming, American remakes create a demand that might not have been noticed otherwise. Like Japanese horror movies, for example. I can now walk into Blockbuster and find an aisle full of Japanese originals that inspired the Grudge, the Ring, Dark Water, etc. Same for Spanish zombie flicks. While I don’t think American remakes of Primeval, Dr Who or Torchwood are going to be any better than the British originals, it could create a new demand. And that’s ultimately good, right? I don’t know…I’m just glad that British programming is continuing to find their way here via DVD. =/


    Um, hello, why? I love Torchwood, I’m American. I DO NOT want them to “americanize” and “sanitize” this show. They will ruin it and Fox will never keep it on anyway…Firefly? Dollhouse? Somebody put his brain back in his body, you can’t carry it around like a hand and expect it to still work!

  • Dr.Necropolis

    I don’t think i would have a problem, if it was an entirely new series (something akin to a spin-off of a spin-off), but to recreate what is already a great series seems kind of…egregious.

  • Emily

    I really don’t see why Davies is doing this. The ego on that man… First of all, doesn’t he see what Fox has done to every good sci fi show that has been on their network in the past decade? The idea of an American Torchwood is ridiculous, and I agree that to bring Captain Jack over to an American Based Audience would definitely require them to tone down Jack’s sexuality a lot. And that would just be like neutering the poor guy! But what worries me even more is the idea of them taking Doctor Who and bastardizing it. Shouldn’t there be copyrighting laws that could prevent the sale of these concepts to Fox? I’m amazed actually that America has kept its hands off Doctor Who for so long. As an American, I watch both shows and completely understand everything, so the excuse that Americans don’t understand British TV doesn’t work with me. I can only hope that enough of a fan outcry can be heard to make RTD think twice about this, ESPECIALLY about franchising out Doctor Who.

  • Please, no!
    If this were to be developed as a continuation of the story of Torchwood – I could get behind that – but, if they seriously expect to retell the story…recast Gwen and Owen and Ianto… my head will pretty much explode.

  • MrBimo

    I dont mind if there was an american torchwood i liked it it was realy good but god do not make doctor who in to an american series everything about doctor who is british Cpt Jack is an american sounding person so he belongs kind of in america but british actor none the less please o please do not make an american version of doctor who.

  • Stromm Sarnac

    Doesn’t anyone else remember the Davies video interview where he said he and BBC have come to differing views and he is moving to America to further his career with Hollywood?

    Not two weeks later, Barrowman pretty much said the same thing. It was in that interview that he mentioned that there is plans for an American Torchwood and that he might be involved with it.

    So, stop bashing us Americans. We love most BBC shows the way they are. But this appears to be an effort to keep Torchwood alive after the BBC killed it off.

    Blame the BBC.

    And us Americans will keep blaming Fox for killing off Firefly.

    Will also keep blaming Sci-Fi (shame forced them to rename to SyFy) for killing off Farscape.

    Bastards, ALL of them.

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