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Manic Manifesto: From The Inner Mind To…The Outer Limits
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Manic Manifesto UFO!

Retrospective of classic Atomic Age Science Fiction in the media detailing the two decades of the 1950s and 1960s, and the indelible impression it left on society.

By Sam C. Smith: www.facebook.com/Rekallism

“There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture…”

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Manic Manifesto: A Profile Of The Artist Akse P19
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Manic Manifesto: Akse P19


I will give you an extremely brief colloquial history of the street art world, one shrouded in mystery and yet one that bares itself to the world, tagging any available space that used to be in back alleyways, under flyovers, disused or derelict buildings, places that were away from prying eyes (or the local authorities) to assert a form of dominance over an area or district until during the late 1970s and into the 1980s in New York, to quote:

“In New York, an artistic revolution was taking place. Mysterious names like TAKI 183 and STAYHIGH 149 were being scrawled on walls all over the city. Then Phase 2, Seen and many more began to bomb the New York City subway cars. The trains were emblazoned with a new art form, spraypainted ‘window downs,’ ‘top to bottoms,’ ‘whole cars,’ and eventually ‘wildstyle.’”

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Manic Manifesto: ‘In The Clutch Of A Titan’ Remembering Ray Harryhausen
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Manic Manifesto

A Tribute to the work of Ray Harryhausen, his Special Effect on me, public imagination, and the film industry. Plus a review of the 2013 UK release of Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan.

“This is Dynamation!”


Whenever that spark is reignited, when a distant memory resurfaces, it brings back all the emotions attached and warm sentimentality…

Surprisingly, I was walking through town, past our own chain newsagent to see a huge window display of the latest LEGO Minifigures. Big advertising hoarding passes most people by, with people not registering what they are seeing, unlike the near-future mass explosion advertising found in Transmetropolitan or Minority Report. But I digress… being the big kid I am, this advertising had one character front and centre staring back at me and I said ‘I MUST HAVE IT’. An unexplainable feeling that washes over you that words just couldn’t justify…

The Minifig in question was a Cyclops.

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Manic Manifesto: Serial Rekaller and The Twins Of Evil (Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson)
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Manic header

Twins Of Evil Tour 2012
Featuring Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson

Manchester MEN Arena; 27th November 2012
robzombie.com | marilynmanson.com

“The three principle types of Recall are Cued Recall, Free Recall and Serial Recall. Serial Recall involves a subject being asked to recite events in the order they occurred…” —Source Code

…I am a Serial Rekaller, and here’s how I remember it:

Twins of Evil tour poster: Rob Zombie

I am two months late. I saw Rob Zombie [to which I will define hereafter as the headline act] and Marilyn Manson Twins of Evil tour on November 27, 2012. But with X-mas getting in the way and a bout of writers block/laziness, I finally get around to writing this, the gonzo-review and experiental account of the days, months, years leading up to this…

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Music Review: Tom Waits ‘Bad As Me’
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Tom Waits: Bad As MeBad As Me
Deluxe CD | CD | MP3
Tom Waits
Release Date: November 2011

In a time of austerity and defunct pop music, Bad As Me came along and cuts through like a bread knife into stale society and bamboozles it into actual listenable audio lunacy.

Tom Waits knew about current society, too – the pre-release trailer videos hinted towards in the rusted out Volks Beetle he resides to promote what to expect and he had to trust that his musical genius was not leaked out – by presenting the vignettes of his tracks for us to enjoy beforehand, especially utilising the preemptive strike listening party…

In his twenty-odd album career, Waits is nowhere near slowing down. His contemporaries may have retired themselves to stagnant acoustics and vegas-showroom residencies, but Waits continues with his sideways view of America, new and busted, reinventing himself yet again in what could be considered another prime-time of his life album. But no, in a reversal of the Madonna reinvention, Tom Waits has traversed all eras in his career to produce this, a homage, a love letter, a modern masterpiece.

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Manic Manifesto: Total Recall [1990 vs. 2012]
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Manic Manifesto: Total Recall

A Thesis on the implications of Total Recall and the contrast between the original film [1990] and the remake and/or reimagining [2012] by Sam C Smith.

They stole his mind, now he wants it back.

Total Recall: Stout posterREMINISCENCE:

It is my Star Wars. Yes, I said it. So I did what any fanboy would do: Collect.

Why bother? It’s not as if Total Recall [Original will be referred to as TR, the new film hereby referred to as Total Recall] was the greatest film ever. It doesn’t even feature that highly on the greatest sci-fi film list of all time. But something just stuck with me throughout the 1990s to today that I never got with Star Wars – a film series pretty much filmed and over and done with before I could afford a video player.

But consider how much more difficult it is to get original TR-based collectibles. Especially in the UK. Especially in 2012. Any fan of any age can find something Star Wars based, and that includes error-in-production Kenner figures from the 70s.

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Book Review: Derren Brown ‘Confessions of a Conjuror’
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Derren Brown, Confessions of a ConjurorConfessions of a Conjuror
Written by Derren Brown
Channel 4
U.S. Edition | UK Edition

Derren Brown is a relative celebrity in the UK, but not one to be found in the weekly glossy trash mags, no. That’s because he’s far too intelligent for those depths. Trouble is, America may not have heard of him, save for certain worldwide controversy.

He’s known famously in the UK as a Mentalist, [a real-life and better-than Simon Baker by far] using magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection, and showmanship as well as old school theatrics to rival Mesmer, Houdini, Penn and Teller, and even that lazy David Blaine. Derren honed his skills at Bristol University, testing students and none another than Ricky Gervais’s sidekick Stephen Merchant [famous for now] as well as working part-time in a restaurant in Bristol as a table hovering close-up magician. Someone in Channel 4 Television noticed him in 1999 and produced a few TV specials Derren Brown: Mind Control and following series – approaching the general public with mind-bending psychic feats and illusion.

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Inter-Re-View: American: The Bill Hicks Story
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American: The Bill Hicks StoryAmerican: The Bill Hicks Story
Blu-ray | DVD
Directed by Matt Harlock, Paul Thomas
Starring Kevin Booth, John Farneti, Bill Hicks, Lynn Hicks, Mary Hicks
BBC Warner
Release Date: June 7, 2011

Welcome America, welcome to Bill Hicks. You may have heard of this guy. We have.

And by that I mean we, English.

Not to get on my high-horse about this, but I feel somewhat proud that Bill Hicks adopted the UK as his second home, a place where his comedy seems to fit. His popularity in 1991 was evident at the peak of his career whilst filming for the iconic stand-up tour Revelations at the Dominion Theatre in London. His cynical approach and opinion on current matters and affairs that informed his comedy, cloaked in a riding coat and hat, he grieved that the death of the American Dream became too uncompromising and conflicting for the U.S. He grieved to the English people, the outsiders to the Americans.

And so, after his passing in 1994, his star could have waned. Extinguished and forgotten. He was on the verge of wider success, with interest from British TV in the works, when he fell ill with terminal cancer. But he didn’t, thanks to his effortless comedy stylings and timeless subject matter that still resonates today especially when you tie together the political climate of the late 1980s, early 1990s, and the scary similarity with ol’ Dubya… which has made it’s way online to YouTube… where it has faced new and greater audiences and will continue to do so. I would love to say more on the guy – but I implore you to discover for yourself, his words say enough, and you’ll find out more below…

Continue reading after the jump for an interview with Bill’s brother Steve Hicks.

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Movie Review: Howl
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Howl movie posterHowl
Directed by Robert Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman
Starring James Franco, Jon Hamm, David Strathairn, Bob Balaban, Jeff Daniels, Todd Rotondi, Mary-Louise Parker
UK Release date: February 25, 2011

16:10pm Screen 3 in the basement of the Cornerhouse, the missus and I alone in the dark, a screen no bigger than 15×10 feet, making this feel like a slideshow presentation and the film starts in greyscale, in a smoky basement cafe in 1955 San Fransisco…

In 1955, a 29-year-old unpublished poet realised the American Dream in a four-part poem called Howl, a poem that would become an obscene ode to the struggle of his displaced lost generation, post WWII when the creation of ‘teenager’ also created a whole slew of new problems for the new transition between child and man.

“What would my father think of Howl?” Ginsberg wondered, a typical notion of self examination and the constant need to prove to parents that, yes, you will find a job, even if it is not in their footsteps. Ginsberg would soon find out two years later in 1957 that it isn’t just what his father thinks, but the general public when the poem became infamous when his publisher was thrust into a court trial for the distribution of obscene materials.

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‘From OuterSpaced’: The UK Review Of ‘Paul’
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PAUL-Banner Movie PosterPaul
Directed by Greg Mottola
Starring Simon Pegg (Graeme Willy), Nick Frost (Clive Gollings), Seth Rogen (Paul – Voice), Kristen Wiig (Ruth Buggs), Jason Bateman (Agent Zoil), Jane Lynch (Pat Stevenson), Bill Hader (Haggard)
UK release February 14, 2011
U.S. release March 18, 2011


When considering writing a review for you, my American/worldwide cohorts, for the UK release of Paul, a whole month in advance of the U.S. screening, I had a problem. Every other bloody magazine/media has reviewed it… (and with reference to the current Empire mag, who I won’t plagiarize but I will say this: RESEARCH! Their article on Captain America1 was not as informed as my article. I was there man, you don’t know, I got the pictures man, 5 months before!!)

…and stole the best/cheesiest headlines: ‘Alien Nation’, ‘E.T. Rider’, and ‘Close Encounters of the NERD Kind’.

Bastards. I spent long arduous seconds creating ‘From OuterSpaced’, but that’s the kind of genius I am. I’m also an insider. Not a crew member of said film, no, I’m that type of Geek that knows enough about UFOs to be an expert. But that’s my bias, especially during the 1990s when you couldn’t avoid the stuff. And so in the course of this article, I scraped together the remnants of my vast DVD collection, including Spaced (see what I did there!?) Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz boxset (£5 – Bargain) and purchased the Simon Pegg autobiography Nerd Do Well to look for clues that would lead to Paul.

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